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About Us

AuthenticSF™ is a team of coaches, trainers and facilitators committed to fostering authentic, flourishing relationships -- for men and women, singles and couples, friends, lovers and families.

Decker Cunov, President & Founder of AuthenticSF

Decker Cunov, the president & founder of AuthenticSF, is committed to inspiring people towards more fulfilling relationships, his unique approach to transformation is identical to the way he has created profound intimacy in his own life and in his own communities. If you're new to Decker's work, rest assured he's spent the last decade working successfully with everyone from soldiers to teenagers, from the clinically dysfunctional to doctors & lawyers, from a mechanic in Wisconsin to top level executives across the country, helping them reach unprecedented levels of success in an organic and profound way.

Bryan Bayer, CEO

Bryan Bayer, a personal coach and a co-founder of AuthenticSF™, has coached hundreds of people to success in the areas of communications, business and relationship. Drawing from an extensive study of integral theory, developmental psychology and man/woman dynamics, Bryan's coaching methodology is grounded in the Destination Method®, certified by Dr. Robert McDonald, one of the early pioneers and leaders in the science of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). In addition to his coaching practice, Bryan is a course leader for the Arête Center for Excellence and supervises the production of other courses. He co-leads the Authentic Man Program™ with Decker Cunov.

Alexis Shepperd, Course Leader

Alexis Shepperd, Ph.D., a life coach and founding member of AuthenticSF™, has been facilitating transformation for individuals, couples and groups for over a decade. She has had extensive training in the art of relationship, including the intricacies of masculine and feminine dynamics, which she blends with a diverse background in integral psychology, leadership, yoga, and meditation. Alexis is exceptionally gifted at seeing the patterns that hold people back from having what they want and creating the lives of their dreams. She is particularly inspired by helping people create profoundly passionate, loving, and authentic relationships that serve as vehicles for personal transformation. In addition to her life coaching practice, she is the co-creator of the Authentic Woman Experience (AWE), a facilitator for the Authentic Man Program and the Transformational Coaching and Leadership Training (TCLT), and has a doctorate in clinical transpersonal psychology.

Kendra Cunov, Course Leader

Kendra Cunov has been facilitating group work in the Bay Area for the past five years. She brings a genuine care for people, as well as an extraordinary depth of insight, in service of people living truly fulfilling lives. Kendra’s training in coaching and group change work creates a dynamic and engaging style of leadership, blending uniquely with her years of practice (and upbringing) in a Buddhist monastery to inspire a profoundly clear and open approach to working with her clients.

Shana Weinstein, Course Leader

Shana Weinstein brings women and men together to experience and explore intimate and authentic relationships. Her coaching and group work illuminate individuals’ innate wisdom, revealing the power we have to create full and passionate lives. She works with the intensity of relationships to evoke healing and connection.
Shana has a Masters degree in Integral Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. She is a founding member of AuthenticSF, a course leader for The Authentic Woman Experience™ and a facilitator for The Authentic Man Program™. Shana is also a a personal coach and a course leader for the Arête Center for Excellence. She draws from a diverse background of personal study, including yoga, Diamond Heart Practice, somatic inquiry and meditation.

Shelly Birger, Course Leader

Shelly Birger is a course leader and personal coach specializing in emotional awareness and family systems. She has a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Illinois and is completing her M.A. in Humanities and Leadership. Shelly's background in Montessori education enriches her approach to her family coaching practice. Shelly is inspired to facilitate more joy, connection, peace, and synergy in relationships. She's a coach for the Authentic Man Program™ and co-founder of The Conscious Parenting Alliance.

Ray Brejcha - Course Facilitator and Coach

Ray Brejcha - seminar leader, speaker, and international personal and business coach is passionately devoted to inspiring men and women in leading an authentic life. Ray’s approach to teaching and coaching is grounded in his commitment to yoga and health, and a deep understanding of masculine/feminine dynamics. He draws upon diverse experience working in Silicon Valley as a top sales executive, with the Peak Potentials Organization as a skilled Success and Results coach, as a course facilitator for The Mankind Project, and as a competitor on the TV show “American Gladiator”.

Ray has been educated and certified by some of the nation’s top training organizations for coaching, seminar facilitation, sales, marketing and presentation skills, and has coached 100’s of clients in ten different countries. He has facilitated popular monthly workshops in Boulder Colorado on authentic relationship. He brings a fresh, engaging, warm and witty style to his coaching and facilitation with the Authentic Man Program along with the powerful gift of presence.

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"I’ve loved learning from trainers in AuthenticSF, partially because of the results in my life (ok, mostly), but also because they’ve supported me in such an open and humble way. I’ve been reminded of what I know to be true for myself and that’s made the biggest difference of all for me."

-- JD

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